Electronics · 24/06/2018
This entry is all about the electronic components and the coding for Space Shell 3. This third textile part is supposed to also have textile speakers activated by several capacitive sensors.

Textile Techniques · 17/06/2018
See some process pictures of the textile creation of Space Shell 3 here.

In the Cube · 08/06/2018
Textile and circuit design of Space Shell 2 which is tenderly blowing air as soon as you touch it.

Doublechecking all connections, sketching the circuit, developing the pattern, cutting the fabric, drawing circuit on fabric, iron it on the inner side, sew it and finally connect everything.

Sensors · 04/06/2018
Rethinking haptic experience of sensors already created on Space Shell 1. After having programmed the soundboard and having tested the proto-sensors with the actual sound I wanted to better connect the visual and haptic experience with the sound.

Sensors · 02/06/2018
The capacitivesensor.h library for the Arduino code did not work as well as expected. After some research I found the ADCtouch.h library which runs really well if you want to use a capacitive sensor as a toggle.

Sensors · 29/05/2018
After a long coding session me and my helping hand made the capacitive sensor "working". With working I mean, that it worked this day under these precise conditions. Even though the values showed big differences when my friend touched the sensor and when I touched it. Just because of our different capacities. I can just hope that people in the exhibition also have about the same capacity and the sensor works with everyone ;)

By experience I know that people barely recognize or understand textile electronic. The language of electronics is fixed to our mind-set, its appearance is black, flat and mostly out of plastics. For this reason I will present an "Introductory Touch sensor" directly in front of the cube entrance. It will be a pad with one textile sensor and a specific sensor colour (turquoise), its circuit and an LED as actuator. This entry shows the fabrication process.

Electronics · 17/05/2018
Planning, coding and wiring up the circuit of the second wall with textile capacitive sensor and aerator as activator.

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